Imposter Hunter

There is an imposter among us, but who is him ? They are all hidden behind the astronaut suits, and you have to be careful with every one. Then, the only one choice is to battle, and to be the last man standing on the arena. Find the imposters, attack and destroy them. We can not travel far to Jupiter if any imposter exist here. That’s very dangerous for us all. And we don’t accept any of them – imposters – among us. Who are you ? An imposter or a real astronaut. Join the battle arena to find out. Imposter Move is a super simple game, here are some key feature you should know: – Simple move: Drag to move, release your finger to attack the imposter close in your range. – Unlock skins and weapon to suit up – Upgrade skills to fight better in Zombie Crowd City mode. – Fight dangerous imposter in Battle Arena survival mode, unlock new zones, unlock challenge
Quick exciting game sessions – Funny and addictive gameplay – Super easy controls

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